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Unfortunatley, Richard is now unable to lead the long walk he planned to take from Cockwood on Sunday 22 nd April.

It is therefore cancelled

Buckland on the Moor - Chocolate Box Village, Beacon and Church

Buck Beac wb1117



On Sunday 19th November, Bob and Pat, led 16 Teignmouth & Dawlish Ramblers on a walk of some 6 miles to look at two of John Hayward's 'Dartmoor 365' squares at N16 and N17 - Buckland Church Clock and the newly refurbished Ten Commandments at Buckland Beacon.

By parking at Cold East Cross access to the top of Buckland Beacon was quick and easy. The autumnal views were moody and inspiring. After seeing the Ten Commandments set in stone they agreed to forgo any coveting for the day and took the long, steep descent into Buckland in the Moor and its chocolate box image. After crossing Ruddycleave Water they descended further amongst autumnal trees and the swift running water. It was decided not to descend all the way to Buckland Bridge, a short cut being taken to take the road upto Buckland Church where some people found it hard to read the clock face. By stating at 9 o'clock however, the words 'My Dear Mother' could be seen as a 1930's addition to the church. Then, it was another trudge up the hill by road and moor to the shared cars. another great walk amongst friends.

Thank you Bob and Pat.

'Dartmoor 365' is a marvellous source of information on each square mile of Dartmoor. It is enjoyed by many. Indeed, why not join the Facebook page of the Dartmoor 365 Group with over 5,000 other followers who enjoy Dartmoor?


Buckland Church

Saturday, April 21, 2018